We’re not just recruiters we’re problem solvers

Unlock your business' potential

We’re not just recruiters we’re problem solvers

Clients come to us for our business insights and because we attract top talent at a reasonable price.

We understand that every business requires a bespoke approach to address their recruitment challenges. 

Talent Options has dedicated industry-specific divisions with talent on our books waiting to join your team. Our people know that now more than ever, the capacity to harness the power of talent with the right skills, experience and personality can make or break a company.

A bad hire does more than just damage profits, it seriously undermines staff morale and creates headaches at every level – put simply your business can’t afford to get it wrong.


Why choose us?


Experts in Business

As a member of Australian Business Solutions Group, Talent Options is able to draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge within recruitment, learning and training, law, consultancy and apprenticeships.
Our experienced Talent Consultants are experts in their disciplines and come from a range of industries, bringing together a wide base of skills and insights.


Superior Talent

Our team of expert recruiters have decades of experience in sourcing Australia’s premium talent using the latest techniques to attract both active and passive candidates to our books.


Innovative Techniques

Our industry-leading practices include the use of:

  • Social networking;

  • Psychometric testing and analysis; and

  • Professional profiling

These proven techniques are highly-effective in securing talent for roles requiring fine-tuned skills and outputs that need to be tested beyond paper-based submissions and interviews.


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