Unbundled Services

Need an extra set of hands to reduce your time spent hiring the perfect candidate?

Unbundled Services

There are times when a business only needs a little bit of help with their recruitment. Perhaps you are having difficulties sourcing the right candidates, screening phone calls, or notifying unsuccessful applicants – our unbundled options are the perfect solution for your business.

You get to choose your Talent Options package. Let us do the rest!

Let us tailor a package to suit your requirements across: 


We will work with you to draft and place job advertisements based on your key hiring criteria. Our team of specialists will put together a strategy that will maximise your advertising reach.

Attending Panel Interviews

We will attend final panel interviews to help you assess candidate suitability. We're also able to offer a scribing service so that you have accurate records of the entire process.

Designing Role-Specific Interview Questions

Our Talent Consultants pride themselves on the range of behavioural, psychometric and competency-based interview questions they can develop for specific roles.


Following telephone screening and longlisting, our Talent Consultants will interview lead candidates, prepare a shortlist, present final candidates and arrange their interviews.

Position Development

Talent Options can work with you to establish the precise role function to create key hiring criteria to fulfil the position. Key areas we will examine include:

  • Skills Required

  • Culture Fit

  • Brand Alignment 

Onboarding Assistance

Talent Options can provide an onboarding assistance to ensure applicants make a smooth transition into your workplace and can hit the ground running. We can offer you:

  • Welcome Packs;

  • Employment Contracts;

  • Salary Schedules

  • Meeting Schedules; and

  • Post Placement Reviews 


Reference Checks

We craft specific questions for the role in consultation with you. This can be conducted over the telephone or via email as needed.


Reviewing Applicant Responses

We specialise in reviewing applicant responses by collating them into three key groups:

  • Shortlisted [meets all criteria]

  • Possibly Suitable [meets most of the criteria]

  • Not Suitable [meets few/none of the criteria]

Telephone Screening of Applicants

Job advertisements are great tools for generating applicants, but not all will be suitable for your job. In consultation with you, our expert Talent Consultants will craft specific questions to screen applicants over the telephone. This allows us to gain further insights into their skills and assess their suitability for your role.


Skills Testing

Based on your role, we can develop specialised tests to evaluate skillsets across a range of platforms and behavioural benchmarks.


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