Ace The Interview

How you portray yourself at a Job Interview is easily as important as your skills and experience

Ace The Interview

How you portray yourself at a Job Interview is easily as important as your skills and experience when applying for a new role, so we've put together 5 tips on ensuring you walk away confident the interviewer believes in your skills and abilities:

  1. Come Prepared
To be on the safe side, bring a spare copy of your resume to the interview. We advise arriving at least ten minutes early as interviewers are unimpressed by lateness and will rarely accept excuses from prospective employees. Be sure to also prepare for the possible questions you'll be asked - we outline a few in our article on Six Things You Will Be Asked.
  1. Body Language
A firm handshake with a big smile and addressing the interviewer while looking them in the eyes will do wonders when you first meet your Interviewer. Utilise these first moments of interaction as best you can as these first impressions are likely to shape the whole interview!
Appearing relaxed and trying to act naturally is easier said than done but good appearance is mostly a matter of assuming a position that you are comfortable with. We suggest sitting up straight, leaning forward slightly and always maintaining good eye contact with the interviewer or panel.  
  1. Plan Your Arrival
It goes without saying but punctuality is a strong indicator of your professionalism and enthusiasm for the role. Confirm the time and address of the interview, research directions and parking, and aim to arrive 10 minutes early. Bring any required documentation and the phone number of the person you will be meeting with in case of an emergency.
  1. Dress The Part
Your appearance conveys how serious you are about the role, and how you would represent the company in the future and how much you care about yourself. Always dress appropriately and pay attention to details such as clean shoes and keep your jewellery to a minimum (you’re not a rapper, and you’re certainly not trying to flaunt your wealth!)
  1. Keep Your Cool
While it’s important to remain as relaxed as possible, we understand even the most seasoned professional can get interview nerves! To keep this to a minimum, we suggest always preparing thoroughly for the interview as this will help you to maintain your composure.
Also, if you’re offered a drink when you arrive you should always say yes! It shows your confident and not nervous, plus it gives you a prop to engage with during the interview!

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