Are you a Cultural Fit?

5 Tips For Ensuring Your Cultural Fit Is As Strong As Your Resume

Are you a Cultural Fit?

Picture this; You find the dream job, with a Job Description that feels like it was written just for you. You carefully craft your resume and cover letter and are rewarded with an interview. Your interview goes well and you're asked to come in for a second (or even third round interview) and increasingly you feel the job is yours. Only at the last hurdle, you're told you didn't get the job and you're not given great reasons as to why....

Odds are, the employer didn't see you as a cultural fit for the business!

If skills and acheivements were all that mattered for employers, filling roles would be an easy task, although most of us can recount a story of that workplace where one person just wasn't on the same bus as everyone else, no matter how talented they were.

To ensure your application doesn't go the way of the titanic, we've put together 5 tips on how to sail past the iceberg that is cultural fit!

  • Research the company. You should always be doing this anyway, but dig a little deeper and you'll get a sense for how the company thinks, what they believe in and how they say it. Scout out employees on social media and in the press and learn how they like to look at things
  • Align your interests. Many companies today offer employee incentive programs such as subsidised gym memberships, in house yoga or group running at lunch. If you can find out about incentives such as these, show an interest and you'll reassure the employer how much you want to join the team, not simply fill a role
  • Fit your personality to the role. If you're applying for a junior role where you will grow and develop, don't come across as someone who can't take direction. Applying for a manager role? It goes without saying you need to show leadership
  • Present yourself well. It goes without saying, but looking your best is always vital! Although if you're interviewing for a C level role, you'll want to appear differently to if you're a creative applying for an ad agency. Tailor your appearance to be smart and considered for the role and business you're applying for
  • Work ethic matters. Having the skills for the role is one thing, but are you going to put in the hours when a project needs to be completed, or are you going to watch the clock every afternoon for 5pm? Wherever possible, showcase your willingness to roll your sleeves up and work hard as effort almost always trumps talent

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