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Clients come to us for our business insights and because we attract top talent at a reasonable price.

We understand that every business requires a bespoke approach to address their recruitment challenges. 

Our people know that now more than ever, the capacity to harness the power of talent with the right skills, experience and personality can make or break a company.

A bad hire does more than just damage profits, it seriously undermines staff morale and creates headaches at every level – put simply your business can’t afford to get it wrong.

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Permanent Recruitment

We understand filling a permanent role is more than lining up qualifications and experience to a role. It’s also about finding the correct fit for your business. This is why our methodology focuses on getting to know your business intimately. As your recruitment partner, we will work with you to comprehensively establish your:
  • Skills requirements;
  • Culture and fit; and
  • Brand alignment.
Using this knowledge Talent Options will tailor a specific package of recruitment services including applicant screening, targeted advertising, providing interview panels and skills assessments.

We will then select candidates who match your unique selection criteria. This process ensures you get your ideal permanent candidate.

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Our consultants are waiting to help you with:
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Temporary and Contract recruitment; and
  • Unbundled recruitment solutions
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Contract and Temporary Recruitment

If you are looking to rapidly upscale your team to meet a deadline, complete a new project, or to augment your permanent staff for a short-term assignment, then Talent Options temporary staffing is the perfect solution.

It’s a simple four-step process:
  • You contact us with your staffing needs
  • We hand-select appropriate talent from our database
  • We handle the administration from WorkCover to payroll
  • You have the manpower to meet your requirements

This is a seamless end-to-end solution for every business’ contract and temporary staffing needs.

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Unbundled Recruitment Services

There are times when a business needs just a little bit of help with their recruitment. Perhaps you are having difficulties sourcing the right candidates, screening phone calls, or notifying unsuccessful applicants – our unbundled options are the perfect solution for your business.

Let us tailor a package to suit your requirements across:
  • Advertising
  • Interviewing
  • Position development
  • Onboarding
  • Skill testing and more…
You get to choose your Talent Options package. Let us do the rest!

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Let our experts help you

Whether you're a candidate looking for work, or an employer seeking new talent, our industry experts are leaders in their field.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing businesses need candidates that not only have the skills and experience but can deliver on innovation and results.

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Technical & Engineering
Our technical and engineering recruitment division has a thorough understanding of the Australian technical and engineering industries and recognise both generalist roles and niche skill sets are increasingly harder and harder to source in this talent-short market.

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Office Support
We appreciate how a company’s office support function shapes and impacts its success and we know having a team of skilled administrative and support staff can mean the difference between gaining the competitive edge over your competitors, or losing valuable productivity.

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IT & Telecommunications
Our extensive experience in the IT&T industries means that we understand the technical and behavioural skills required to drive your Information Technology & Telecommunications capabilities – the backbone of any business.

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Accounting and Finance
Talent Options appreciates the best performing businesses are underpinned by a talented, efficient and high-performing accounting and finance team.

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We're not just recruiters, we're problem solvers! See what others have to say...

  • Lesley Pinter

    I have worked with Gillian for nearly 20 years and have always found her to have an honest, professional and collaborative approach to her work.  She strives to partner with my business to understand who we are and what we are about.  This ensures that she sources quality candidates with the technical skills and experience, as well as the cultural fit.

    Lesley Pinter - Human Resources Director ANZ, Allergan

  • Mathew Sielicki

    Sarah is one of the most professional and consultative recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with.

    What sets Sarah apart from her peers is her genuine care and dedication to getting to know her candidates both personally and professionally, ensuring she only presents opportunities that are 100 per cent in line with their needs. Through her warm and engaging personality she is able to build an immediate rapport with clients and candidates alike, which is what continues to drive her extremely successful track record in recruitment.

    Mathew Sielicki - PeopleCo

  • Jo Mackay

    This is a well-established company in Sydney so has many contacts built up over a long period. Their reputation is excellent and well deserved. Their point of difference I believe is to get to know their employers needs and candidates experience and to match these very well. The interview for new candidates is done with care and thoroughness. This ensures a successful outcome for all sides.

    I have worked for Talent Options as a temp and now also to arrange for temps to cover my role when on leave. I know the staff there and cover is arranged smoothly, and I know the candidate will fit the role. The staff there have many years of experience and are specialists in their field, so I recommend the company for staffing needs without hesitation.

    Jo Mackay -

  • Stefanie Federico

    Pauline is a passionate recruiter who wants the best for all the people that she deals with. She was lovely to work with and I can recommend her to anyone.

    Stefanie Federico - GE Oil & Gas

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