Workplace Culture Is More Important Than Anything Else

by Posted on 13 February 2017

Just how engaged employees are determines business performance. Your employees’ lack of engagement may surprise you, but the signs are quite visible.

Recent Gallup statistics indicate that 70% of US workers aren’t engaged at work; 89% of managers believe their people leave for more money, yet only 12% do. 75% of those leaving do so because of their bosses!

A culture to prosper against all odds

Creating an engaged workplace culture can be challenging but the benefits are quantifiable and tangible. Look around your workplace and if you have engaged employees you will see people who are satisfied, passionate and interested in what they do.

They are invested in the success of the business and have a high level of commitment and loyalty. They are great collaborators and are prepared to go the extra mile. Engaged, satisfied staff attract more of the same to your business. They are the reason you company is growing and can continue to prosper in the face of challenges. 

Without these engaged employees you lose important ambassadors of your company and brand.  Staff who will ensure your company grows and remains profitable. You would lose the increased productivity and lower absenteeism which are features of engaged employees. Turnover would be higher, attracting all the costs recruiting involves.

Engaged employees perform at a higher level which often leads to innovation in the workplace. When employees are engaged they become more productive and efficient, lowering operating costs and increasing the profit margin and positively affecting the company’s bottom line...

Build an engaged culture across all organisational levels

What’s the current culture in your business across organisational, managerial and employee levels?

Do your mission, vision, and strategy support engagement? Identify opportunities, simplify solutions, take action, hold employees accountable and commit to developing your employees. 

These actions should help build an engaged organisation with robust and genuine values, clear evidence of trust and equity based on mutual respect, where promises and commitments between employers and staff are two-way, understood and fulfilled.

Look at engagement at your managerial level. Good managers recognise that the actions of senior leadership, managers, and supervisors are the key drivers of engagement. To harness this, clearly define the key drivers of engagement in every leader's job description and leadership skill set. Offer your team members clarity, appreciation, positive feedback and coaching.

Source: Business Propel

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