Recruitment Webinar

Webinar: Recruitment ‘Curly’ Questions

Recruitment Webinar

Our webinar on 6 March 2017 addressed some of the more difficult questions that arise during the recruitment process.

Most business owners will have to recruit at one point or another and with so many laws regulating employment in Australia, it’s no surprise we hear that employers often find recruitment is more challenging and difficult than they would like.
Our webinar presenters were Joe Murphy, Director Workplace Relations with Australian Business Lawyers & Consultants, Emily Brewer, NSW Manager with Talent Options and a Regional Councillor NSW/ACT for Recruitment and Consulting Services Association and Alison Williams, Managing Editor of HR Advance.
Topics included:

  • The contract of employment
  • Reference checking
  • Probation
  • Difficult questions you can come across from a recruiter's perspective

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